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  • Thai

    This is a great guide!

  • Bluesdad

    A very informative guide for locals and visitors alike!! Thanks ASD

  • asd pres

    Access Traveler Alert- San Diego Model Railroad Museum- elevator access to Museum not working.
    Power Beach Chairs no longer available at Silver Strand State Beach and Oceanside Harbor Beach.
    Enjoy your travels to San Diego- Cheers

  • asd pres

    The weather in San Diego has been fantastic and we welcome those with disabilities to plan a trip to San Diego and warm up. Good Locations for power beach chairs are Coronado City Beach and Mission Beach San Diego, and also Imperial Beach Safety Center/Lifeguard Station. Unfortunately the power beach chairs are no longer available at Silver Strand State Beach, and Oceanside Harbor Beach. Cheers

  • asd pres

    Good news, the Elevator for the San Diego Railroad Museum is now working. This is a great experience for
    those who like to view mini-working trains.

  • asd pres

    Latest challenge from our email files- Hello – Is there somewhere I can access a comprehensive look at DisabledServices for the Park? My mom (a 70 year old stroke survivor) came with
    friends to visit the Art Museum and had a very difficult time trying to
    get around. I did see that the Nat History Museum has its own disabled
    parking, and offers free wheelchairs from the front desk. Is there
    something similar in place for all museums, &/or would it be possible
    before her next visit for us to contact you, or a particular museum, to
    make arrangements in advance, so that she is not forced to walk too much,
    which is exhausting. She told me her and her friend had to park all the
    way over by the Naval Hospital, and then walk a long way to get a shuttle,
    and by the time they got to the muse she was worn out, and quite upset.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Wes

    We just rolled thru the new San Diego library and found the view from the top 9th floor amazing. It was good to read a sign
    that provided 3 hours of free parking in the new parking lot in the building. This is a great experience for both locals and travelers with disabilities. Advise entrance ramp from sidewalk is a long switchback which could be a problem for mobility disabilities and those who cannot walk long distances.

  • Guest

    Thank you for this information!! I have decided to visit San Diego with all my family in tow. Please keep updating this website frequently.