Buying a car should be one of the most exciting times in your life. You are going to be driving off the car lot in your brand new car; what could be more exciting than that?

The truth is that a lot of things can take away the enjoyment of this time. Your credit score may not be high enough to get the car you want, the payments may be too big, or you may find the cars that are on the lot aren’t just what you were looking for. It can take an enjoyable time and turn it into something that is more disappointment than it is enjoyable.

Car Dealer Tricks

What can take a lot of the fun away are the little tricks that car salesmen tricks to look out for the pull to try to get you into a car that you don’t want. Consider the fact that they are working on commission and they want to get rid of individual cars on the lot. This can lead them to try to trick you into getting something that’s too expensive for you or that you don’t want simply because it would be better for them. If you want to avoid some of these pitfalls, here are the tricks salesman may use against you.

The Use of Language – one of the first things they will do is to try to use suggestive phrases to get you into getting a particular kind of car. They won’t just ask you what you are interested in but will make suggestions to you about what would look ideal for you. The purpose of this also is to ensure that you have to engage with the salesman. They don’t want you to say that you’re just looking around, they want to continue to be with you every step of the way. You can also count on hearing a smart story about the vehicle, so that you may feel more attached to it right away.

So, What Is the Price – the one thing that you are not likely to hear early in the conversation is the price of the vehicle. What they’re going to talk to you about is what you can afford, at least what you say you can afford. They will then work on you to get you into something that could cost a lot more. The important thing for them is that if they can talk you into taking a higher price on something they’re going to do so.

Getting a Longer Term Out of You – commonly, one of the tactics that salesman use is to get you into a long term deal to pay off your vehicle. It’s true that you may not be able to afford $400 a month, but if you extended those payments out for two more years, you easily could afford $313. This means that the financing company got two more years of interest payments out of you, likely adding another $3000 to the price of your car.

The Best Sale Ever!! – Who doesn’t love a sale? This is what the dealer is counting on. You’re going to hear things like “this is too good to be true” or “this is the sale of a lifetime.” These are intended to get you convinced that you have to make the purchase right now because a better deal will never come along.


The Upgrades Can Be Incredibly Costly – once they have you looking into the kind of car that you desire, the next step is to try to persuade you to take a series of upgrades and accessories that can add thousands of dollars to the price of the car. Maybe they can get you into a better sound system, more expensive rims, or any of the other features that can make a car seem like it is so much better. Understand that they are trained to get you to purchase more than you want or need.

Watch the Interest Rate – the one thing you want to be careful about is checking the interest rate that your car is going to be financed at. This can add thousands of dollars to the overall price you will pay. If you aren’t getting an interest rate you feel is fair, or that works for you, then don’t buy that vehicle. Understand, their job is to get as much money out of you as possible, so pin them down on the exact rate they are expecting you to pay.

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