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Kids need to have headphones to use with their devices these days. Whether you are talking about your child using the headphones for their tablet, smartphone, or laptop, there is simply a great need to be able to use a set of headphones to be able to listen to things without interrupting those around you.

Children are finding this to be just as much of a need as any adult would. They want to have this kind of privacy while still getting a great quality sound. One of the ways that they are doing so is by choosing the earbud style of headphones. This is quickly becoming a very popular option, not only because it blocks out noises around them, but also gives them the ability to be able to get an incredible sound quality from their headphones. The question, however, is if these are safe for kids at all.

Is it much safer to use an Earbuds for Kids compare to a Headphone?  

While parents want to ensure that they are getting a quality product for their child that the child will use, there are some concerns that parents have related to the use of earbuds. They are concerned if these are safer for a child to use than the normal style of headphones, primarily because the earbuds slide directly into the ear canal. There are those who are seeing this is something that simply can’t be safe to use it all.

How Earbuds Damage the Ears for kids

This is a very legitimate concern. When it comes to children’s safety when using headphones you want to click here to know more and with the right Pediatricians and other doctors, they are more concerned with the long-term effects that earbud use can have on a child’s hearing. Because the child is in the earliest stages of its development, during his or her formative years, causing damage to the ear canal and the eardrum from prolonged use from earbuds is a very serious concern. This is one of the reasons why doctors are recommending the children not use these.

In fact, many studies have shown that earbuds can cause just as much damage as if the child was using a chainsaw or riding a motorcycle for a prolonged period of time. The noise is simply that loud and can cause that much damage to your child’s hearing.

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How Does Noise Cause Hearing Loss?

For those who are unfamiliar with how this can cause this kind of damage, a little anatomy lesson is in store. Inside your ear, just on the other side of your eardrum, are three small bones that help in the process of you being able to distinguish noises. Also assisting in this area, a group of hairs that lined the canal where these three bones reside. Loud noise cannot only damage these bones within your ear but can also damage that hair as well.

What this means is that when sound is sent down the ear canal, through the eardrum, and where these bones and hairs are contained, the distinguishing of sound may not occur as it should because the bones are damaged to such an extent that you cannot hear the volume of something or the quality of the sound.

Keep in mind that the sound you hear is really nothing more than sound waves that go down your ear canal. When the bones in your canal are unable to properly distinguish the sounds, and that hairs are unable to assist in that process, it is not long before a person can lose their entire ability to hear. This is not something that you clearly want for yourself or your child.

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What to Do

safety for childrenIf you are wondering what is the best option in terms of headphones for your child, then where you should begin is by deciding that you will not get him or her a set of earbuds. While they do provide an exceptional quality in terms of sound, and they can greatly reduce all the noise that is occurring around your child, the fact remains that they pose a serious risk to the long-term health of your child’s hearing.

This is something that not enough parents really take into account when making a decision about what kind of headphones they want for their child. You need to look out for him or her because they are likely to want to choose the thing that is the coolest. This is not the best option for them. Choosing a regular set of over the ear headphones is actually the best option that you can select to protect your child’s long-term health.

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