Cebu Province

Cebu Province has to be on your list of a desirable tourist location. It is already an extremely popular place to visit and due to a reason. In a matter of fact, there are several reasons why you should go there. Obviously, having a great time is guaranteed, but there are several other things to know.

Why Visit Cebu City at the first place?

We already mentioned that there are several reasons why you should visit this place. The complete list cannot be included due to the fact every single individual has its own reason to come here.As A Tourist and a Traveler in this country, I love to check-in a hotel in a Cebu downtown hotel just like the newly built Southpole Central Hotel in which most of their reviews coming from many different kinds of people are always positive regarding food, room accommodations, and service. You will never go wrong with Southpole Central hotel which they stand to be the best hotel in Cebu downtown.

The tourist satisfaction rate is above 90%, so if you are wondering is this a wise choice, now you know the answer. Anyway, let’s see the top reasons why you should visit the Cebu province in the first place.

  1. Wonderful sea and beaches
    Wonderful sea and beaches

The entire place is about one thing, mostly. Beaches and the sea here is amazing and offers the best type of fun you can get. Beaches are nice to sit, relax and enjoy. The sea is always warm, so swimming is just right. Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do here, but most people come to have a proper sea-based vacation.

  1. Delicious food
    Delicious food

Most of the foods available in Cebu are native here and you won’t be able to find them elsewhere in the world. Try the whole roasted pig if you want something extraordinary or try a delicious street food which is available across the City of Cebu. Locals claim that most of the foods were invented by them, so don’t expect to find the recipes on the web.

  1. Friendly people
    Friendly people

Cebu Province is one of the best-developed provinces in the Philippines, which is one of the factors while people here are always friendly. You won’t have unpleasant experiences, which suggests the fact most of the tourists come here more than just once.

  1. Clean and modern city
    Clean and modern city

The City of Cebu is actually a smaller version of Manila, but with several improvements. First of all, it is way less crowded. Then, it is cleaner and looks better. Spending time here is suitable for relaxation and for those who don’t want to be surrounded by millions of unknown people.

  1. Paradise look
    Paradise look

With more than 160 islands, the province in question also offers a variety of possibilities and different experiences. Luckily, all the islands are close to each other, so getting to the desired one is as easy as it gets. Even better, the prices for traveling are below national average.

Places that should be visited

Once you are in the Cebu province, you will want to explore and visit some unique places. Here are a few of them that deserve your attention and which must be included in your planning.

  • Nalusuan Island
    Nalusuan Island

Nalusuan Island is usually the first place most tourists come. It is known for natural beauty and for the breeze which will help you relax. The beach and the sea water are pure, gentle and just perfect. There you can see a marine garden, which is protected, so don’t try to bring a part of it with you back home. Snorkeling and diving is included as well.

Don’t forget that most of the tourists claim this is an idyllic island! There are no problems here and it is all about making unforgettable memories.

  • Moalboal

Moalboal is the top rated spot for diving. Each year, more than 10.000 people from different parts of the world come here to dive together with the sea turtles, hammerheads, and white tip sharks. Don’t be afraid. There were no incidents since the spot was introduced a few years ago.

Beside sea animals, you can see corals and fish which prefer crystal clean water present here. Even if you are not into diving, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the place. Interesting: There are high chances that you will become diving-enthusiast once you have visited this place.

  • Kawasan Falls
    Kawasan Falls

How many of you want to see a clean blue water and even more interesting waterfall? Probably most of you. Then, visiting the Kawasan Falls is on the list. The place is located not far away from the sea. Getting here is easy and there are a variety of alternatives you can choose. The main things to memorize is the beauty of the waterfall which cannot be described with words. At the bottom, you will see a small pond with icy cold water. Swimming is possible, but only if can withstand it.

Besides the natural beauty of the place, it is oriented towards adventurers who want something rough and dangerous. In essence, you will get the ability to try canoeing, rock climbing and etc. Yes, all of these activities are a bit dangerous, but still safe.

  • Osmeña Peak
    Osmeña Peak

Maybe Osmeña Peak looks to Scottish highlands, but it is a completely different place. Many adventurers like coming here in order to enjoy the pleasant air, green grass and panoramic view which is one of a kind. Besides hiking, which is one of the most popular activities here, why not having a camping trip? You will definitely have a great time, but the temperatures are pleasant and the clean air will help you sleep better than ever before.

The view will depend on the weather conditions, but most of the day, you will be able to see distant islands and almost the entire Cebu province. Looking the pictures of visitors who wanted to share with them, you can get a better idea why this place has to be visited.

  • Camotes Island
    Camotes Island

Here we have an island which deserves a special attention. The Camotes Island is actually reserved for swimmers, thanks to a great position and even better waters. Obviously, others will enjoy the place as well. There are a few more demanding places to visit while on the island. One of them is Bukilt Cave, which attracts tourists from all parts of the world and it is the most common tourist destination right here. Altavista view is the next best thing. Both of these spots are suitable for people who want to try something new and see natural beauties.

The island in question is far from the civilization and there are no cars, constructions nor anything else that may disrupt the natural ambiance.

  • Bantayan island
    Bantayan island

The Bantayan Island is the next place which is far from the civilization and entirely focused on natural beauties. It has the best-looking beach most of you have ever seen, called Sugar Beach. The sand is white, obviously, while the sea is calm and the breeze is just as it should be. You won’t be able to go shopping here, but you will definitely acquire a lot of memories which will be with you for the rest of your life.

If you can rent a boat or have one, make sure to cruise around this island. Make a few trips to the beach every once and then, and you will see why this place is so special.

  • Nightlife in the City of Cebu
    Nightlife in the City of Cebu

Besides all the attractions we have mentioned, there is one thing you simply must do while visiting the City of Cebu. It is a nightlife. Here, teenagers and all of those who want to have a great time will be located in the IT Park, close to the center. It is known as the best place for nightlife and one of the best places in the Philippines in general.

Try a few cocktails while here. Tropical cocktails are one of a kind, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy them as often as possible. Not all of them are rich in alcohol.

  • Malapascua

Malapascua is also the most popular place in the Philippines for divers. It is one of those areas where thresher sharks come and swim close to the water surface. This actually is the main reason why divers from the United States and Australia often come. Although most of you believe that this is the only reason to visit the Malapascua, there are a few more.

Sunsets here are a bit different than anywhere else. It was linked to the mountains, natural scenario and obviously the position of the island. Believe or not, some people come here just to experience the sunsets and go back home. We also like the sun risings, so make sure to catch one. Of course, you will have to get up early in the morning, but you don’t want to sleep the entire day here.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget to be relaxed as much as possible and to try meeting new people. All the locals are charming and all other tourists will like to meet new friends. Cebu has been known for peaceful vacations and great interactions between people. You will be able to learn something new and to discover something you like. At any given moment, you can leave the civilization and go to one of the places we have mentioned above. Then, when you are ready, you can go back and enjoy nightlife or meet new people.

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