How can you find the best plastic injection molding manufacturer? The key is to know which features are the most important ones to get the best results.


What Is Injection Molding?

This is the most popular type of manufacturing techniques used to make plastic parts. There are many products that are produced using the process of injection molding. The processes differ based on the products’ sizes, applications, and complexities. The equipment/materials needed for the process including a molding machine, mold, and plastic material.


Picking the Best Injection Molder

Here are some of the key factors to consider in order finding the best manufacturer of plastic injection molding:

Plastic products manufacturing

  1. Capacity

Did you know in the US alone there are more than 16,000 injection molders? AS a result, it’s important to consider your company’s volume/size requirements. For example, mold manufacturers of low-moderate volumes produce under 10,000 units. If you need some quick units for applications like prototypes, then this might be a good option for you. However, if you need a high volume of units, then you should consider other companies. The key is to figure out the volume of units you need and the capacity of a company to determine if it’s a good match.


  1. Experience

As with other industries, it’s important to find out how long a company has been producing plastic injection molds. This will help to determine whether or not the company has a lot of know-how and expertise in the industry. Picking a startup company is a bad idea in particular since the company is just getting started and won’t have the experience of other companies that have been in the industry for years or even decades.


  1. Services/Technology

Here’s another key feature to look for in injection molders. Make sure the company can offer the tech and expanded services you need for particular parts. For example, you should consider companies that can offer things like design, prototyping, flow analysis, quick-response manufacturing, and so on. This will help to make sure the company can offer everything you need.


  1. Quality

This is of the utmost importance when picking an injection molder. Make sure to pick an established company that makes quality a top priority. This will help to provide you with the best services you can get. The company should also offer efficient work to make sure it provides the products in a reasonable timeframe.


  1. Specifications

Look for companies that can comply with your company’s technical specifications. Look for companies that can meet your particular specifications without cutting corners. The injection molder should be able to meet your needs based on the specifications you provide while not making big compromises. In the case that they insist you have to make them you should consider shopping around.

There are times there might be some tweaks needed here and there. However, if the company insists on major spec changes, then it’s a sign the company isn’t willing to fill your order effectively.

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