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Boogie board is like a slate for writing and drawing images. In the traditional slate, you have to use chalk to write on it but in boogie board, you have to use a stylus to write on it. It is a tablet that does not require any on or off button for its operations because it does not need the power to write. However, it runs on the small watch batteries to keep the screen active and use when the screen is needed to be erased.  You can directly use it for writing and drawing.If you are looking for more information you have to Click here in order to know how is it that Writing on an Ewriter Tablet is similar to writing on the paper because there is no spongy surface. It is a great device which helps in saving lots of paper and electricity.  It is portable and can be carried anywhere.

Users of boogie board

This type of board can be used by anyone for writing and drawing not for the saving purpose. Kids and artists ideally used this type of digital slate for writing and drawing indefinitely. It is a great device for the students who want to practice calculations and have the habit of learning by writing. It can be used by the individuals for leaving a note for the family members without using paper.

Boogie Board

Writing without paper

Boogie board is based on LCD technology. Here you will come to know how LCD works. Trillions of liquid crystals are sandwiched together between two plastic sheets. Liquid crystals are tiny molecules which are arranged in a spiral. Since the spiral lies in between the plastic sheet, it hinders the passage of light which makes the screen to look black. When you put pressure on the screen with the help of stylus or even with your fingers, a direct pressure is applied to the board. This pressure forces the spiral to stand in an upright position which makes the light to bounce back. In this way, a bright white colored light appears on the screen. A button is needed to be pushed to scatter the spiral which erases the texts or images created on the LCD screen.  Liquid crystals result in high sharpness and the images or texts will be retained on the LCD Screen as long as the erased button is not pressed.

Easily sync your boogie board

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This board can be easily synced with your Smartphone or computer. To sync your device with your Boogie board, you are needed to download free sync mobile app to share your files easily on the Bluetooth devices. It makes the saving, storing and sharing of the files easy for the users by creating and labeling folders. Sharing of files can be done through emails and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Put your boogie board in the pairing mode according to the instructions. It will be connected automatically when the power is turned on.

Boogie board is compatible with wide range of devices including iOS devices, Android devices, and others so that sharing of files can be done easily. Boogie board recognizes USB storage devices also. Images or texts created on the boogie board by sync can be edited by using suitable programs.

Robust designs of the LCD tablet

LCD Writing Tablet has a robust design which makes it attractive in looks. It is very thin in size and has the suitable length and width measurements in order to make it handy to use. Boogie boards are available in many designs, with a similar black screen for writing and drawing. Boogie boards are available in various sizes so you can buy the right size according to your needs. It can be carried easily in your bag or even in your pocket so you can take it anywhere.

Boogie board is available in various versions so that you can check the latest version of this writing device to buy the most advanced form of slate.

Stylish accessories for LCD device

High-quality material accessories should be picked up in order to give protection to LCD writing slate. This prevents scratches on the screen and protects your device from the potential damages. The stylus is another important accessory for LCD tablet for eWriting.  Since the batteries are non-replaceable so you will not find the battery of this device. Generally, the batteries are designed for long-lasting operations.

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